Rugby:  Everyone runs the ball.

To all of our supporters,

We are a growing sport in the ranks of youth athletic choices. Rugby was the newest Olympic sport in the Rio 2016 games, and our youth have the opportunity to be part of that experience. The average 2016 Olympic rugby player ranged from 18-24 years of age.

Parental concern for safety is our highest priority and emphasis.  I want all parents and players to understand, that there is greater incidence of injury in Girls Cheerleading and Girls Soccer, than Boys Rugby, according to American insurance industry risk statistics.

JAMA has published in a 2008 study, that rugby is safer than Football, Ice Hockey, Soccer, and other contact sports, with most injuries recovery time rated as < 10 days before returning to their sport. This is the lower scale of injury rated as contusions, abrasions, sprains, bruises, and bludgeoning injuries. Both Football and Ice Hockey have a majority of their injuries classified as >15-30 days, before returning to their sport. 

All of our Coaches, including Head Coach Paul Cappellano, Coach Gary Nichols, Coach Kevin Devaney, Coach Duane Heil, Coach Andrew Adams, Coach Kurt Block, and Director Reggie Greenwood are WRB/USAR  licensed rugby coaches for ages 8-19 yrs. All coaches are vetted by background checks and classroom evaluations from USA Rugby. All certifications are on file with this governing body at USARUGBY.ORG. All of our coaches are also Registered Referees or A/R with USA Rugby to make sure they are also practiced and versed in the rules of the game.

Head Coach Paul Cappellano, and Director Reggie Greenwood hold additional "B" (Youth) and "C" (under 12) modifications to the Level 200, specializing in Rugby for kids from NCYRA and USA Rugby.  Director Reggie Greenwood is also a WRB/USAR Level 300 Certified Coach. 

We are an Olympic Development Program, teaching standards set by the United States All Americans, and are licensed for coaching youth from this governing body of USA Rugby, through the World Rugby Board (WRB). 

Unlike many sports, rugby sets a peer group of responsibility and teamwork. The team learns sportsmanship, fairness, and fostering goodwill towards opponents. After every match, a meal is shared with the team that has traveled to the game. We host such a meal at every home game, and each player can talk with their opposite, in a relaxed environment.

The ability to accomplish team goals requires total participation in rugby, and your child will learn these positive skills. Rugby players as adults tend to be college educated, middle to upper class economically, and good citizens overall.

Internationally, rugby is played by the elite class of pro athletes, and usually are professionally employed after their careers.

Building a program to produce quality athletes takes time, effort, money, and support. Coach Cap and I have set aside the time and effort for this project. We are asking you for the latter. Support is the most important donation you can make. We will expose some great opportunities to these kids, and will provide them the tools to be better human beings. Contact us for our sponsorship package if you want to help, it is appreciat
Please join us in making this a great season for all involved.

Yours in Rugby,                                                                                               Yours in Rugby,
Coach Reggie Greenwood                                                                Coach Paul Cappellano
Director of Youth Rugby                                                                                  Coaching Director - Head Coach

San Luis Obispo Barbarians Youth Rugby Club 

2019-20 Training Schedule

Please check email and Facebook Page for Current News

First Practice starts Dec 3rd

  • U10-12 Coed SLO: 3:14-4:45 Tue/Thur
  • U14 SLO Tues/Wed/Thurs 3:15 -4:45

          @ Laguna Middle School

  • Varsity Girls @ SLO HS 

           6:30- 8 Wednesdays

  • JV/Varsity @ SLO HS by Tennis Courts:  6:30-8pm  & Tuesdays

  • U8-u12 Coed North County
  • U14 Boys and Girls
  • JV/V Girls+Boys North: TBD

Home Games Regular Times*:

*Please note that occasionally this schedule varies due to field availability/conditions, opponent availability or other factors.  Consult with your coach before game day to confirm game times.

World Rugby Training Passport

Not in SLO?  To Find out where there is a youth rugby program in your area, just look below for our Tri-Counties Rugby location nearest you.

YOUTH RUGBY In Your Area for 2019-2020:   

SLO Youth Rugby are signing up athletes now, as are five other teams in the Tri-Counties rugby area registering youth where you live. Join the sport where 2 out of 3 Seniors in HS are playing rugby their freshman year in college!

See below for the youth team in your area to sign up your children in age groups of: 

Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6: Under 8 No Contact, Under 10's coed, and Under12's coed
Middle School: Under 14's
High School:  Under 16's (JV) and 18's (Varsity)
Girls High School

San  Luis  Obispo - Morro  Bay - Cayucos - Coastal                       North County - Atascadero - Templeton - Paso Robles

Our Staff

  • Paul Cappellano,                  Coaching Director
  • Kevin Devaney,                    Coach High School              
  • Riley Birdsall,                 HS Faculty Advisor                       /Assist Coach
  • Lindsey White                 Head Coach, Girls Rugby
  • Gary Nichols,                   U10/12  Coach-
  • Reggie Greenwood,               Director of Rugby

Johnny Depp wishes SLO Rugby teams Good Luck

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Our Game Schedule

Yo ho, yo ho!  Johnny Depp wishing SLO Youth Rugby teams good luck this year from Hollywood, CA.